On November 28, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), together with LC Europe, a member of “Consyst Business Group”, will hold the second annual “Russian ICT Day” conference in Budapest (Hungary). The event is dedicated to the trends of the modern IT industry and the role of technology in various industries of Russia and Europe.

The modern information technology market is constantly evolving: technological innovations increase the importance of IT in business competitiveness, intermediaries and traditional workplaces are replaced, huge amounts of data require serious organization and investment, and automated mechanisms require accurate assessment and coordination. Various factors, such as government regulation and protectionism, market consolidation, changing the business model in all industries, and multimedia perception of processes, are intensifying. All this gives an impulse to the creation of new centers of IT competencies and new solutions.

“Consyst Business Group” represented by LC Europe has been operating in the European market for more than 6 years. During this time, the company has accumulated extensive experience in implementing projects in different countries with the involvement of local subcontractors, and today sees great potential in scaling experience in new markets with the participation of Hungarian partners.

At the “Russian ICT Day” conference in Budapest, LC Europe Kft. will talk about experience with international customers and partners, and will also present modern IT solutions for business, including Russian software products on the TURBO platform, designed to automate all types of accounting at the enterprise

Representatives of various sectors of the economy will make speeches – from agriculture to energetics. During the networking session, conference participants will be able to talk with top managers of large Russian and European companies, as well as with clients of “Consyst Business Group” from Russia, Serbia and Hungary.

The event will take place on November 28 at the Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Conference program



About LC Europe Kft.

LC Europe Kft.is a consulting company with an office in Budapest (Hungary), providing services for the development, implementation and maintenance of corporate information systems for customers of “Consyst Business Group” in the international market.  LC Europe Kft. – is a partner of the ”Dolgoprudnensky Research Center”.


About HEPA

HEPA, “Hungarian Export Development Agency”, in addition to training and business events, offers market research services and business consulting. Since the beginning of 2019, the company has focused its resources on regions with the highest growth potential in terms of foreign trade, thus, in addition to Russia, it operates partner offices in Japan, China, Turkey and the Balkans. Hungarian companies can become important partners for Russian companies, and in the future, HEPA also seeks to provide platforms and opportunities for further cooperation and successful business relationships.



TURBO is the development team of the “Dolgoprudnensky Research Center”, which creates advanced IT solutions for business management. The history of TURBO began with the development of the legendary “Turbo Accountant” program in 1991, which quickly gained popularity in the market. Customers’ needs changed — vendor solutions grew and developed. More than 1000 clients have entrusted TURBO support for key processes. TURBO is valued for its analytical capabilities, data processing speed, flexibility of configuration and scaling for changing business tasks. Today TURBO is a new line of IT systems, united by a single concept of mobility, speed and advanced ergonomics of the Z generation.