The Rosbank and Consyst Business Group (LANIT) cooperation started in 2008, a system for automatic optimization of ATM cash sweep operations building. The system is able to conduct full access to ATM networks and bank branches from the collection, from the survey of ATM machines to the office work. Positive economic effects of the implementation of the solution quickly became apparent: the amount of cash in ATMs in network optimization, which resulted in a significant reduction in maintenance costs and total cash flow management of quality development.
In the last period this system solution extended to the central office cash management activity is recorded and stored LanCashManagement program. The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system is due to that the ability to control the properties of the running costs of the ATM network service providers and data centers, the cost of taking stock.
Thanks to the achievements of Rosbank in Moscow branch network launched a new, multi-stage project:
The first phase in the Russian Rosbank entire ATM network was introduced globally in LanCashManagement ATM cash management solution.
In the second phase of Consyst Business Group specialists have developed and implemented systems with a centralized cash management system to balance the accounts for Rosbank in Moscow.
A specific frequency measurement that the ATM locations and bank accounts have been fulfilled and the processing operation is based, it has been possible to identify patterns and processes of the cash flow forecast of ticket offices and ATM points. The LanCashManagement solution gives the best forecasts in the banking departments and ATM collectors collection optimal timing and cash flow trends. A user can get help from the forecast processing and the necessary adaptations to the administrative documents are immediately displayed in the system.
The LanCashManagement allows the cash handling costs decrease the ATM network and branches, operations costs and helps to increase the transparency of transactions and improve customer service. The cash balance management system introduced intends to extend networks and regional accounts in the Rosbank.
Olga Szkorobogatova, vice president of Rosbank: “The LanCashManagment system enables a highly developed network of ATMs and cash management solutions. The flexibility of the solutions to our needs and the possibility of legal changes in alignment gives us a fundamental advantage over western competitors as well. ”
Pavel Gorjanszkij, head of Consyst Business Group, “full and successful implementation of the ‘Rosbank’ project on time is the best proof that the LanCashManagement solutions are effective and meet the banking requirements, specifically promoting the development of customer services as well. ”