The professionals of Consyst Business Group completed the second phase of the implementation of advanced solutions LanCashManagement Bank of St. Petersburg. The payments system for the management of the ATM operational planning in bank branches and cash centers, cash flow management is designed. The entire development professionals and installation work on the software modules are completed. The solution greatly simplified the management of cash flow and conduct.

Microsoft Dynamics AX-based solution cashmanagement a forward-looking model, taking into account the incoming and outgoing cash flow, cash flow allows the optimum balance is maintained. In addition, the program can calculate the amount of money raised and the optimal duration of operations, taking into account transport costs and the costs of inefficient use of money as well.

The experts also developed a new feature that allows the system checks the inflow of cash centers and financial flows. The LanCashManagement able to check the remaining amount, and calculates the expected cash requirements, both coins and banknotes. The software automatically calculates the incoming cash center is projected to cash (ATM Cassette, Central Bank, etc.) and what amount should be placed. The system also determines the amount of funds (in respect of all denominations) to the corresponding amounts, if necessary (if the expected revenue will not cover expected needs) can be grouped into the central bank or the bank to cash centers.

Pavel Filimonenok, vice president of the Bank of St. Petersburg: “The cash flow for the efficient management of a commercial bank requires a lot of factors into consideration. Banks constantly strive to reduce the cash flow and thus minimize operational costs. In addition, however, we should strive for a high standard of customer cash to build it.

The LanCashManagement first phase of the result we have achieved significant economic results, so we decided that we begin an implementation of a system, which enables more efficient management of cash assets not only for ATM networks, but the entire banking system within. Today we have an information system that enables the efficient management of a high level of operational planning and cash flow. “