TURBO is a Russian brand of business management information systems since 1991, owned by “Consyst Business Group” (LANIT group). The history of the brand began with the creation of the legendary “Turbo Accountant” program, which quickly gained popularity in the market. Today TURBO is the following – thousands of customers, a wide partner network and a new line of IT systems, united by a single concept of mobility, performance and advanced ergonomics of generation Z.

TURBO Highlights 

    • Connectivity  
    • Modern User Experience 
    • High Performance
    • Scalability

Generation Z Concept  

TURBO build on Generation Z concept where combine “always on” connectivity, productivity and modern user experience.

TURBO introduce metaphors of cards, breadcrumbs and tabs to simplify complexity of business entities and processes. The way young professionals typically use global Internet services is now reflected in modern business solutions.

The interface of TURBO is fully focused on a modern user. It helps new hires to speed up onboarding and facilitate their integration into the corporate environment.

TURBO Solutions 

TURBO Management 

Tailored to the requirements of Hungarian companies. Project and Contract Management, Procurement and Supply Management, Cash Flow and Project Cost Management, Invoicing and Bill Payment. Web interface, full localization, and online integration with the systems of local tax authorities.


Modern business application development platform. Fundamentals for the TURBO applications and partner solutions. In-memory OLAP, web server, repository of business entities. Easy integration and extension with external tools, apps and services.


Comprehensive information management system that supports key business processes of modern companies. Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Performance management with end-to-end analytics, high volume transaction processing, flexible customization.


Enterprise Asset Management system focused on equipment maintenance and asset lifecycle management. Predictable and reliable equipment operations, cost optimization, and risk assessment. Web interface, cloud access, integration with smart sensors \ IOT \ IOT Edge.


Corporate Performance Management system focused on budgeting and management accounting processes. Budget modelling and top-to-bottom consolidation and adjustments. Operational, investment, and financial planning, actuals and forecasts, analytical reports, flexible configuration.

TURBO Data Analytics

Collection, analytical processing of large massive of information from multiple heterogenic sources. Visual interactive reports and dashboards. Connectivity to external systems for further processing.