Consyst solutions

Consyst. Optimal ATMs encashment

“Consyst. Optimal ATMs encashment management” solution developed on the basis of in-house product LanCashManagement and Microsoft Dynamics AX – ERP-platform for large and medium-sized banks with an extensive ATM network.

Average return on investment is one year. Economic effect of implementing solution is immediately noticeable: cash mass in AM network is reduced causing, in turn, significant reducing of maintenance costs and overall improvement of encashment managing quality.

Main drivers for solutions value and benefits are:

  • overall expenses reduction due to optimal management of the cash mass in the ATM network;
  • ATMs maintenance workers productivity increase;
  • ATM out-of-service time reduction;
  • improvement of encashment managing operations quality.

Solution has modular structure and enables the following:

  • organize a complete cycle of the ATM network encashment, from ATM status assessment to rendering of encashment services paperwork;
  • create individual cash-demand forecast model for each ATM;
  • define cash amount, denomination list and upcoming encashment time for each ATM;
  • create encashment schedule.

Effectiveness criteria:

  • eliminating ATMs out-of-service time caused by insufficient cash supply;
  • reducing overall costs, including encashment, cash insurance, costs from ineffective cash residing at the ATM;
  • reducing the time needed to create assignments to cashier department, encashment and maintenance companies.


Reference-books management

  • Maintaining of ATMs listings, setting the basic parameters (location, working hours, a set of active cassettes, cash issuing algorithm, ATM operation model);
  • Users reference-list keeping, user privileges setting;
  • Setting the optimization model (encashment, cash balance, insurance, etc.).