Consolidation of customer information system

Gathering information about customers is essential in modern business life, especially in B2C sector. Processing and analyzing customer data is very important in decision-making of both opearative, both strategical sides and may result in a significant cost-saving. The lack of centralized informational system and the usage of several operative systems, softwares can harm the unity, credibility and quality of data. In other cases, customers can appear in multiple systems at the same time or the same customer’s record is created multiple times within the same system that causes a certain amount of discrepancy generating problems.

Most frequent reasons of data management errors:

  • Duplications: same notes, data or customers are entered to the system multipe times with different names, generating users that are not valid e.g. “Béla Kovács”, “Béla K.” or “B. Kovács” is one and same customer but entered with three different names;
  • Typos during data entry;
  • Business cases
  • The biggest challenge is filtering and unifying duplications – it means uniting same customers in different systems or uniting multiple records within the same system.

Advantages of introducing the solution:

  • Increases the quality of incoming data, which leads to an increase in both quality and accuracy of reports and analytics;
  • Centralized grouping of customer data, systematic collection and storage of data;
  • Increases success and quality of marketing activities;
  • Increases customer loyalty;
  • Decreases level of risks in projects;

Problems solved by the system:  

  • Systematic collection of data from different sources;
  • Methodizing data and information collected;
  • Filtering and harmonizing similar data and duplications;
  • Creating informational panels and statistics;

Market of similar systems:

  • ETL tools: practically all ETL tools have solutions for unifying duplications;
  • Built-in apps in CRM systems: API, by which external solutions can be connected to the system for unifying duplications and processing collected data, can be integrated to most CRM systems;

Reports, statistics:

Based on actual and accurate customer data, practically any kind of analytics and reports can be performed by using the solution.