The system ABAFI was developed for a wide range of financial professionals. The system makes automatizing the whole process of financial analysis possible for them – from data collection and/or primary processing to creating analysis methods and publication of results in the desired format. The system makes dynamic analysis possible, but it is also effective for comparative analysis, controlling financial issues, compiling rankings, analysing timelines, performing “What if?” analysis and many other staltistical tools – there is a possibility for using solutions prepared by either Consyst Business Group professionals or the users.

The system was introduced primarily for banks but it can be used in other areas as well. Consyst professionals have great experience in software reproduction (including within subsidiaries), and also in providing software support.

ABAFI is a double-layered open system. Level one is a basic software platform which contains multivariate analytical tools and general functions for developing application methodology. Level two is a collection of prepared solutions which includes a large number of pplications regarding methodology.

The system also contains programme modules which were developed based on the following:

  • data processing;
  • process management;
  • uploading data/metadata.