The solution “Warehouse Management” was developed for distributor companies who are interested in building very effective warehouse complexes. The solution makes processing of a significant number of orders possible.

The solution supports the controlling of purchasing and sales procedures, accounting functions and financial controlling. On the other hand it makes transacting specific business procedures possible as distributional management and warehouse management. The optimal configuration of the solution is being provided by our developer team which has a great experience of numerous realized projects.

Sectoral advantages of the solution

  • Creating a unified informational space for managing warehouse activities;
  • Optimizing the fulfillment of warehouse area according to product quality, storage temperature, inventory turnover and the size of inventory to be placed;
  • Increasing number of orders to be processed, decreasing transportational cycle from warehouse;
  • Storage management of products with limited expiration date;
  • Decreasing costs for tracking item specifications;
  • Documentation and controlling of low quality goods, decreasing level of waste and expenses;
  • Increasing the quality of managerial decisions lies in the analyzing and optimizing possibility of  the activity.

Users of the solution

  • The company and the heads of departments;
  • Supervisors of accounting and professionals;
  • Financial workers;
  • Purchasing managers, warehouse employees;
  • Customer care managers, sales team;
  • Professionals interested in logistics.

Sectoral features of the solution

  • There is a possibility for creating order documents by marking the following: planned delivery time to the company warehouse, item price (any currencies), method of transportation;
  • Settlement of all expenses during transportation;
  • Processing customer needs and orders and controlling its execution;
  • Creating orders (according to lack/presence of items, deadline and type of transportation);
  • Preparing orders for transportation to customers;
  • Providing back guarantee after transportation without further documentation;
  • Posstibility of further storing in case of postponed transportation;
  • Planning needed procedures during transportation in advance regarding rules on transportation, and also creating freight reports;
  • Possiblity for filling the toal storage space according to the following: quality and expiration time of items, storage temperature, inventory turnover, range and size of items;
  • Managerial reporting;
  • Precise analytic reports based on sales data.

Functionality of the solution

  • Itemized reception of goods and storage in the warehouses of the company makes storing defected goods possible in specially selected warehouses without any further documentation;
  • The company locator serving the aim of item placement as an algorhytm supports the optimal fill-up of the storage area according to quality and expiration time of items, storage temperature, inventory turnover, range and size of items;
  • Tracking items one by one including customs declaration, expiration time, Certificate of Conformity, veterinary validations;
  • Possibility of working with selected goods;
  • Optimization processes both in the warehouse and during preparing orders including tracking of expiration time and transport options;
  • Application of cell locating algorhytm serving transportation;
  • Preparing documentation on the transported items;
  • Preparing action plan for needs occuring during transportation of goods;
  • Cost accounting of supplies considering unit costs of items;
  • Working with financial notaries.

Other options

  • Managing accounting based on the legal staff of the company;
  • Settlements with customers and transporters;
  • Wide range of possibilties in creating financial-economical reports in Microsoft Excel;
  • Basic system functions based on purhases, processing settlements with transporters, inventory management, financial settlements and miscellaneous processes.