Payment Calendar is a solution package that was developed by Consyst Business Group professionals based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for industrial and commercial companies in order to increase the efficiency of planning and controlling cash flow. The package offers reliable tools by which payment dynamics can be controlled, their priorities can be set, they also support the checking in balance of incomes and expenses and measuring expenses of departments in the framework of budget items. The configuration of the solution is secured by our development team, which is experienced in many other realized projects.


  • Detailed planning and analysis of cash flow;
  • Working with planned, current and expired requirements;
  • Usage of cash flow budgets, expense supervision of departments;
  • Integration of Customer Bank system, decreasing labor expenses in order of preparing payment duties.

Users of the package

  • Managers and employees of financial department;
  • Managers and employees of departments and main divisions;
  • Managers of purchasing, logistics professionals;
  • Customer care managers, sales team;
  • Professionals in accounting and economy.


  • Income and expense validation based on dates;
  • Calculating the total of available cash elements including the incomes of the previous banking day, calculating total of collections, calculating the total of credit unused;
  • Possibility for dividing the total outgoing payments.


  • Detailed planning of monetary incomes and expenses by dates;
  • Managing cash flow in bills and treasuries;
  • Classification of vendor waybills and customer waybills in the payment calendar based on payment deadlines;
  • Managing applications for outgoing payments, approving applications;
  • Managing payments for customers, processing approvals for bills;
  • Possibility for “decoding” closed monetary supplies by redirecting document sources of needs;
  • Selecting settlement accounts or corporate cashier for waybills and payment requests included in the payment calendar;
  • Creating outgoing payments  and cost orders from corporate budget straight from the payment calendar;
  • Divided payments of expenses in the selected currency;
  • Automatic exchange according to percent conversion fee and te effectivedate of the bill noted in the contract with the business partner;
  • Integration with bank-customer systems in the data exchange format supported by most of the Hungarian banks;
  • Automatic comparison of purchase and selling waybills, payment requests and final bills;
  • Uploading budget data of moving capital and controlling budget limits according to budget items, activity units and types;
  • Specialized reports based on planned and real moves of capital, payment deadlines and types, document sources, and payments.