“Calculating seasonal production needs for meat processing companies” is a solution that was developed by Consyst Business Group professionals based on Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to calculate and model the budget for production of meat processing companies. The solution offers tools that are able to measure needs on raw material and excipients regarding both quantity and financial aspects in any season (including raw meat to be purchased). The optimal configuration of the solution is being provided by our development team, who have been already experienced in numerous projects.


  • Exact optimization and calculation of the amount of quality meat to be purchased necessary for production;
  • Opportunity for analysis of basic raw material and excipients regarding their necessary amount, and calculating it to any type of season (week, month, quarter, year or production season);
  • Measuring needs in units (kg, piece, etc.) and currency (Forint, Euro, etc.).


  • managers and employees of economic and production departments (economists, analysts);
  • managers and employees of production and technology departments;
  • managers responsible for purcahasing raw material and excipients;
  • production professionals of raw material department.


  • Description of guide and production standards of a nomenclature that is easy to customize and offers a hierarchical rating system;
  • Maintaining “Separation” processes, calculating costs occured during separating meat parts;
  • Possibility for importing sales plans in MS Excel format into the system of plans, and also exporting the corrected data back;
  • Creating production plans considering waste and other product loss based on sales plans;
  • Using the original calculational algorhytm during calculation of raw material needs, that also enables measuring the necessary hedacount of employees performing the separational procedures.


  • Specification of recipe types (eg. sausage, cold cuts, frozen and semi-finished products) and meat separation types;
  • Calculating percentage yield based on recipe types and meat separation types;
  • Calculating costs of ingredients during meat separation based on costs of raw material and coefficient values of ingredients;
  • Import and usage of raw material prices calculated during expense planning, and also there are possibilities for automatic updating of predicted prices after real price changes;
  • Hierarchical evaluation of product list, and also automatic coding;
  • Representation of multi-level production processes in visual hierarchical structures;
  • Integrating normative regulations and approval functions of technological chains in order to avoid non-planned changes.

Planned calculations and reporting

  • Two-way data exchange of sales and production plans in MS Excel format;
  • Creating production plan from the sales plan based on waste levels;
  • Using any number of predictive models and planning modules for integrated planning, and also there are possibilities for modelling calculated variations;
  • Introducing predictive or integrated planning procedures in the systems, and calculating inevitable material needs for company production;
  • Evaluating headcount needs of production departments performing meat separation processes and of raw material needs to be purchased;
  • Reporting production needs calculated in currencies and any other units for preparing budget plans;
  • Special reports on sales and production planning.