The „Distribution Leading” is a solution developed by Consyst Business Group specialists based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, particularly for distributor companies. This solution supports relation controlling, purchasing and sales controlling, stock controlling proccesses with the clients and suppliers, accountancy functions and financial controlling as well. The optimal configuration of the solution is guaranteed by the developer team of our company which has many experience of already realised projects.

The „Distribution Leading” solution enables: 

  • organizing entire section of the customer orders
  • putting aside the merchandise for specific orders in a most comfortable way, managing the already created store
  • setting up a flexible price policy based on relation with customers
  • effectively controlling state of settlements with customers
  • controlling stocks
  • planning and considering the costs of sales
  • tracking of goods in transit in the aspect of containers and checkpoints
  • planning delivery time from the registration of order
  • planning and considering logistical costs by expense item
  • setting up settlements between suppliers
  • planning due to payments
  • handling delivery leeways

Users of this solution:

  • The leader of company and the main departments
  • The financial staff
  • Purchasing managers, staff of stocks and distribution centers
  • Customer contact managers, sales staff
  • Staff of economic units
  • Specialists in logistics

Functionality of this solution:

At the proccess of creating this solution we took all of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX base functionality. Review of industry-specific business proccesses are supported by a configuration which is successfully installed by Lanit advisors with many manufacturer companies. Supplies and sales controlling, stock controlling proccess furthermore financial accounting belong to the particular functionality.

Functionality developed by LANIT specialists guarantees realization of specific business proccesses of distributor companies.

Specialties in main activities:

  • Customer care with defined sales programmes which specify a list of products to be sold and the conditions of work with clients
  • Providing totalized preferences that are dependent on supplies made by the customer for a specified period of time
  • Possibility of automatic change of similar products
  • Keeping all of the goods in stock for an activity, moreover transferring the reserves to an other order without elimination of reserves. Cheking the reserve limit.
  • Transferring the reserved goods between storages
  • Customization of customer’s print form
  • Possibility of classification of goods by different sorters
  • Compose delivery directly from orders
  • Improved navigation between orders and shipments
  • Possible cancellation of the customer’s letter of carriage without loss of informations about the goods in stock
  • Using numbers of previously deleted documents

Accounting with customers

  • Extented mechanism for controlling appropriation. Controlling confines of expired claims
  • Registering advancements, the mechanism setting payments against orders.
  • Pay-calendar that allows estimate the planned incomes and surplus funds.
  • Reports about demands where informations are divided into sections based on the documents and deadlines of payment
  • Records of customer complaints
  • The report of settlements allows to get datas about debts which make possible to revalue the debts under the specific date
  • Registry of sales costs. Cost-calculating of customer, new calculational methods, setting up financial analysis. Reports by the differences between effective and normative costs of orders.

Accounting with deliverers

  • Template system customization according to goods bought from foreign or hungarian deliverer
  • Planning of incomes according to deadlines of production, deadline or product coordination, shipping time
  • Controlling the accounting, paying off the deliverers according to commitments
  • Payment requests issued to suppliers, based on the orders. Implementation of payments for suppliers, based on requirements
  • Planning the payments of suppliers
  • Quick access to documents relating to supplies
  • Possibility to split the supplies based on composition of goods
  • Usage of logistic services will have an affect on sharing the real logistic costs
  • Possible invalidation of any documents

Supply chain management

  • Writing carriage manual (carriage container, where the goods are from suppliers)
  • Guide about route patterns. Setting the variations of routes
  • Automatic transport creation based on the purchase of deliverer
  • Records about shipped cargos based on route checkpoints
  • Codes and normatives of logistic costs. Setting code list of logistic costs from steel, using it for automatic cost-accounting
  • Records about normative costs based on carriage. Calculation of the costs according to regulations. Automatic records about normative costs.
  • Creating data structure which stores the first costs of normative and real purchased goods, based on supplies (contracts), product lists, codes (items).
  • Possibility to create different reports based on the structure of the first costs of the goods.
  • Records about the differences between the real and normative first costs of a particular item.
  • Possible invalidation of any operation

Storage block

  • Organising the transportation directly by storage operations (storage documents). An imporved navigation between transportations and storage operations.
  • Stockpile function with extended system
  • Quantity check of proccessed cargos
  • Making documents-package directly for implementation of shipping
  • Possible invalidation of storage operations (storage documents)
  • Possible settings of storages and cells which secure the flexible controlling mechanism of storage operations
  • Tracking the stock in particular stock in real time
  • Automatic storage charging from different storages
  • Giving informations about descriptions products in storage (weight, quantity) in every storage operation
  • Label printing by particular shippings

Financial accounting

  • Hierarchical tree-structured financial analysis which is completely can be personalized
  • Reports about exchange rate differences and automatic ccalculation of currency exchange
  • Possibility to implement financial operations on exchange rates which are formed on the basis of certain rules (e.g. Not on National Bank rates but +3%)
  • Specify the incomes and expenses compared to profits and loss by exchange rate difference, based on the revalued property or obligation
  • Possibility to create particular financial analysis about the main- and side account during the financial operations
  • Financial statement by banking operations
  • Reports about consiliation of settlements of signatory clients which contracts the informations from the supplier and client accounts
  • Account analysis by trade and remains in reference to different periods and financial analysis (e.g. In reference to expenses)
  • Analysing the financial datas by products. Possibility to set an „Item” financial analysis. Connecting the „Item” financial analysis with similar storage analysis. During every operations of particular products the system automatically fills the „Item” financial analysis.

Integration with external systems

  • Importing supplies from external database
  • Importing payments from external database
  • Possible to import the informations to an external database which can serve as an interface between Microsoft Axapta and an other accounting system
  • Integration with external storage navigation system (WMS) – the system exports every duty and list related to pickups and shippings, and at the same time imports the actually picked up and shipped products. The integration can be realized by transit database or Microsoft Excel.