“Producing and purchasing of consumptional goods” is a solution that was developed by Consyst Business Group professionals based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automatize producing companies. The solution supports processes like production controlling, customer care, and also controlling sales, purchasing, accounting and financial procedures. The solution provides possibility for moving quality of production controlling to a new level.


  • Creating a unified space for information for the given company group;
  • Planning production, controlling fulfilment of orders, quality controlling;
  • Increasing efficiency and reliability of financial and productional accounting and also calculating the real costs of products to be created;
  • Supporting the financial structure of the company, controlling its budget;
  • Increasing reliability and fulness of the information, ceasing parallel data entries.


  • Managers of the company and departments;
  • Financial professionals;
  • Purchasing managers, employees of warehouses and distribution centers;
  • Employees of production sites, production logistics;
  • Customer care managers, sales team;
  • Employees of planning and economics organizations;
  • Professionals of transporting logistics.


A multiple-in-one multi company accounting software was developed within the system. Number of legal people is not limited. The approach is oriented towards the managers of the company group firstly. Due to the integration of an accounting system to NAV, duplicated data entry becomes unnecessary. Therefore, the company is able to use the following:

  • Planning budget and managerial accounting for the company group;
  • There is a possibility to provide managerial accounting reports apart from one-time entries;
  • Inventory management (stockpiling, planning purchases, etc.);
  • Planning and scheduling production volumes;
  • Settlements with customers and transporters considering the whole holding;
  • Controlling costs of goods;
  • Managing costing, discounts, etc.


We exploit the basic functions offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV when creating the solution. The enumeration of specific business processes of the industry is secured by a system configuration that has already been introduced by Consyst Business Group advisors to several producing companies with success. The given functionality also includes processes in planning and production management, customer care, purchasing and sales controlling and also accounting functions and financial controlling. The function developed by Consyst Business Group professionals secures the successful fulfilment of the specific business processes of the producing company:

Planning production and sales

  • Operative production planning regarding shift changes (including sorting out access rights);
  • Automatic creation of production forecasts based on real data of any previous season;
  • Automatic planning of transports (directly for customers or responsible warehouses) based on general sales plan;
  • Automatic creation of production forecasts regarding distribution coefficients for item groups. This makes planning for each items possbilbe, if for example goods of the same type differ from each other within the item groups.

Production Management

  • Creating production orders based on a ready-made sales plan;
  • Supporting production in numerous sites;
  • Considering realease of the final product, real consumption of raw material, other materials and semi-finished products;
  • Refilling internal (production) warehouses, based on needs of ongoing orders;
  • Possibility for rolling final products out, crediting half-made products regarding additional costs occuring during capital consumption allowance and the employee salaries of the production system.

Inventory Management

  • Analyzing the real costs of a product based on used raw material and semi-finished products;
  • Using an automatic data collection system in order to have a broader scope of warehouse management, including barcoding.

Purchasing Management

  • Considering purchasing of goods and material values, and of purchasing expenses regarding costs of one unit;
  • Creating fulfilment validations.

Sales Management

  • Printing documents validating necessary orders, including documents occuring during selling and buying among legal people of the holding;
  • Sales analyst reports;
  • Credit limit checks for each customers, including a breakdown of some legal people;
  • Providing fulfilment validations;
  • Providing price lists for customers in different price ranges;
  • Sales based on installments, and also considering forwarding the product for selling.

Transporting products

  • Planning needs during transport;
  • Creating a guide about the cargo and freight in a breakdown of each transport.

Creating budget and setting up financial plans

  • Separating company activities based on the following:
    • Production plans;
    • Sales forecasts;
    • Indicators of previous seasons;
    • Budgets of previous seasons;
    • Buy and sell mandates.
  • Analysing production inputs based on expense elements;
  • Calculating total overhead. Dividing costs regarding units of final products;
  • Analysis of budget fulfilment. Plan and fact analysis.