“Managing Business Administrative Activities” a solution that was developed by Consyst Business Group professionals based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The solution efficiently manages supplies, organizes inventory, controls accounting and taxation of maintenance activites according to requirements of National Bank of Hungary and legislations. In addition, we are also able to automatize business processes by budget controlling, we can integrate it with the budget planning system and the main accounting system of the bank. Real esteate management can also be done efficiently.


  • Creating a unified information space for managing and settling the intercompany activites of the bank;
  • Regulated controlling of banking expenses withing budget limits;
  • Automatized accounting and tax accounting of business activities;
  • Optimizing assets in an accounting perspective;
  • Reducing time spent with settlement and registry of intercompany activities, and also minimizing manual data entries and reconciliations;
  • The users are able to provide managerial reports with using OLAP technology;
  • Creating data cubes for extended data analysis;
  • Preparing primary documents and taxation reports;
  • Increasing quality and analytic value of accounting data;
  • Controlling the compliance of business administration regarding cost estimation.


  • Bank Management;
  • managers and accounting professionals of departments focusing on Business Planning and Analysis;
  • accountants focusing on intercompany activities – processing transactions, preparing financial and taxational reports;
  • business administrative managers, warehouse staff.


  • Adding account numbers to reports by accounting items;
  • Identifying account codes automatically for adding account transactions of employees;
  • Possibility to finalizing transations with different currencies;
  • Automatic processing of company card expenses;
  • Accepting transactions exported from the accounting systems;
  • Reports on deadlines and total of credit and demand, regarding the context of partners.


The package “Managing Business Administrative Activities” is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and includes the following:  

Settlement of business activities

  • Fixed assets;
  • Maintenance of purchasing, inventory, items and financial assets;
  • Settlements with partners;
  • Settlements with customers;
  • Payroll;
  • Expenses in progress;
  • Future expenses;
  • Currency differences;
  • Settlement of fuel expenses;
  • Tax accounting (VAT, tax on profit, real estate taxes, tax database).

Accounting of banks

  • Setting bills and reports for adding transactions;
  • Accepting transactions exported from accounting systems;
  • Reports on deadlines and total of credit and demand, regarding the context of partners;
  • Hierarchical account graph, financial analytic guidelines.

Accounting among subsidiaries

  • Accounting of business activities regarding subsidiaries;
  • Showing uploaded data of subsidiaries when printing primary documents;
  • Preparing reports, books on purchasing and sales broken down to subsidiaries;
  • Transactions among subsidiaries.

Automatized preparation of managerial reports, tax reports and reports for the Hungarian National Bank

  • Maintenance of purchasing documents;
  • Registry of tax accounting;
  • Reports on fixed assets in different accounting models (accounting, tax, IFRS);
  • Reports on credit and demand sorted by date of creation (for National Bank of Hungary);
  • More than 130 report formats.

Supply and inventory management

  • Registry of agreements with business partners;
  • Settlement of fixed assets, items, financial assets, workpower and service;
  • Settlement of sales of fixed assets, items, financial assets, workpower and service;
  • Writing goods and financial assets off to internal needs;
  • Tárgyi eszközök és egyéb leltári tárgyak leltározása vonalkód scanner használatával.

Budget controlling system

  • Two-level budgetary control: in the creation phase of setting up expense needs and in the phase of payments;
  • Only expenses approved by the authorized person will be included in the planned budget;
  • Possibility to control low pay basis and pay basis outside budget;
  • Integration with budget-creation system.

Tracking real budget expenses

  • Summarzing real budget expenses;
  • Data analysis based on OLAP.

Analysis and distribution of expenses

  • Analysis of business administrational expenses;
  • Proportional distribution of expenses according to the individual algorhytm;
  • Customizing any algorhytms to any pay basis;
  • Distributing expenses according to cost basis;
  • Data analysis based on OLAP.

Real estate management  

  • Accounting of estates and properties operated by the bank;
  • Registry of different types of real estate contracts;
  • Controlling conditions of rental, purchase and sell real estate contracts:
    • checking pay elements included in the contracts with planning costs of each contract;
    • automatic check of contract conditions fulfilments.
  • Creating an e-mail system that notifies users about the need for payment deadline extensions;
  • Data analysis of contracts on real estate based on all the encessary parameters;
  • Creating different consilidated analysis reports on transactions of property management and contract fulfilment.

Integration with other systems

  • ABS;
  • budget-creating systems (Hyperion Planning, etc.);
  • Netbank systems;
  • MS Excel;
  • Work process controlling systems;
  • Storage of foreign currency exchange rate;
  • Bank guidelines, etc.

The package “Managing Business Administrative Activities” has been successfully applied at the Russian subsidiary of Unicredit Bank.