Products and business solutions

Consyst Business Group seeks collaboration with companies that support the best information systems in their categories at all levels, and also allows Consyst Business Group to truly offer the best computing solutions to all businesses, from small companies to holding companies that are large corporations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Microsoft Navision) – resource management for small and medium businesses. Integrated modular system with unified business solutions for users in various sectors.

MS Dynamics NAV – a universal financial and investment management solution that helps businesses improve business performance.

Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft Axapta) – integrated II. class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for large companies that combines separate departments and services of the enterprise into a single information space. This ensures a high level of information management and helps you to make decisions based on correct and sufficient information.

Oracle Hyperion Planning – a Microsoft Office and Web based design, budgeting and forecasting application that can greatly improve your company’s business predictability and integrate financial and operational planning processes.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management – is a comprehensive Web-based application that allows financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis of the whole enterprise group with a single, scalable software solution. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management uses the most advanced technology, yet it has been designed to be a financial expert of the company’s system administrators and maintainers.

Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management – provides insight into corporate costs and profitability.

ETWeb – a human resources management system that primarily targets the realization and support of HR management tasks such as staff assessment and motivation, tracking employee skills, efficiency management, personnel efficiency analysis, planning of staff needs and staff replacement, employee skills and capability measurement of the position occupied, career plan, ability and competence management, training management (professional development), commission management.


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