The Russian brand of fast IT systems TURBO has released its first product for the foreign market – the TURBO Management. The presentation of the solution for the management of design and procurement activities took place at Russian ICT Day in Budapest. The solution is already localized for work in Hungary, and other countries are next in turn.


TURBO Management was represented by the General Director of TURBO Vladimir Egorov and the Director of LC Europe, the Authorized Reseller of TURBO in Europe, Evgeny Ogurechnikov. Head of LC Europe spoke about Russian-Hungarian cooperation and experience in implementing international projects. Vladimir Egorov elaborated global business and IT trends, their impact on the development of the TURBO product line, and also examined in detail the functional specifics of the new product – TURBO Management.

The TURBO Management solution is intended for management accounting in growing and medium-sized companies, as well as in foreign offices of large companies conducting design and procurement activities outside Russia. The system works from anywhere in the world via a web interface, and supports the management of projects and contracts, procurement and supply, financial flows and project costs, billing and payment of invoices.

Localization of the system for the foreign market began with Hungary – the solution is fully adapted to work in the Hungarian market and integrated online with the Hungarian Tax Service (NAV). The advantages of TURBO Management have already been appreciated by the first customers – the implementation of the TURBO Management project has successfully started in the Hungarian construction company, Les Ildzsas Zrt.

Vladimir Egorov, CEO of “Dolgoprudnensky Research Center” (TURBO): “TURBO Management is the first solution that works simultaneously in Russian, English and Hungarian. The product is implemented in the framework of the concept of mobility, speed and advanced ergonomics of the Z generation and has the most modern interface to date, it is intuitive for users of global Internet services.”

Evgeny Ogurechnikov, Director of LC Europe Kft.: “Last year, as part of the Russian ICT Day, we announced the Russian TURBO platform on the European market. Today we announced the start of distribution of the first solution for the foreign market on this platform and announced the creation of a TURBO Competence Center in Hungary.”  

Russian ICT Day was held on November 28, 2019 with the support of the Hungarian Export Development Agency (HEPA) and LC Europe, a partner of TURBO in Central and Eastern Europe. Dozens of heads of Hungarian and Russian companies discussed current trends in the IT market and shared practical cases of using modern IT solutions.



 TURBO is the development team of the “Dolgoprudnensky Research Center”, which creates advanced IT solutions for business management. The history of TURBO began with the development of the legendary “Turbo Accountant” program in 1991, which quickly gained popularity in the market. Customers’ needs changed – vendor solutions grew and developed. More than 1000 clients have entrusted TURBO support for key processes. TURBO is valued for its analytical capabilities, data processing speed, flexibility of configuration and scaling for changing business tasks. Today TURBO is a new line of IT systems, united by a single concept of mobility, speed and advanced ergonomics of the Z generation.