The “Siberian Anthracite” group of companies completed the implementation of the “Salary” module of the corporate information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The whole complex of processes of personnel accounting, payroll, the formation of regulated reporting is automated. The project was implemented together with “Consyst Business Group”.


Microsoft Dynamics AX system has been used in the “Siberian Anthracite” group of companies since 2010. With its help, the key business processes of the enterprise, related to sales and shipping management, are automated, the tasks of financial and economic accounting are solved, staff and personnel records are maintained. The logical continuation of the company’s development of the corporate system was the project for the implementation of the module “Salary”, implemented by “Siberian Anthracite” together with the “Consyst Business Group”. The project was carried out in accordance with the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step (MDSS) methodology, in which the stages of analysis and design, development, deployment, testing and trial operation were highlighted.

Earlier, the payroll process required considerable labor for specialists to enter and reconcile data. Salary was calculated in a local program that is not related to the corporate information system Microsoft Dynamics AX. By combining processes in a single information system, the number of errors, that occur due to the human factor, is minimized. Additionally, a system update package was prepared that made it possible to bring its current version into full compliance with the current requirements of the Russian legislation on personnel records and salary.

Alexander Levkov, head of the Microsoft division “Consyst Business Group”: “It’s not a secret, that the most critical stage of implementing an information system is the stage of trial operation. It is an additional importance for payroll systems, since unforeseen situations can affect all employees of the company. Together with “Siberian Anthracite” we tried to reduce these risks and, following the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, conducted a test operation phase to fully verify the implemented business processes in the system and their relationship with the already implemented staff and personnel accounting modules.”

The trial operation of the solution began in January 2019. he system calculates payroll for more than 2.2 thousand employees of the enterprise, and the regulated reporting, both consolidated and personalized, is automatically generated: forms 2-NDFL, 6-NDFL, 4-FSS, RSV, ADV-1, ADV-2, SZV-M, SZV-K and others.

Artem Mikhailov, project manager of “Siberian Anthracite”: “Together with “Consyst Business Group” we were able to successfully launch the “Salary” module based on Microsoft Dynamics AX in “Siberian Anthracite”. Since January 2019, the company completely switched to work in the system. In the future, we plan to replicate this decision to other assets. This is in line with the group’s strategy for standardizing processes at all enterprises and improving efficiency.”