Consyst Business Group implemented the second stage as part of a global program to create a single centralized financial management system at Kaspersky Lab’s offices around the world. The system, previously running in offices in France and Italy, is replicated in units in the UK and Germany. The software solution for the project’s implementation is Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Kaspersky Lab operates in nearly 200 countries from 35 regional offices around the world and has more than 20 years of experience in information security. The company has won numerous awards in the field of protective technologies, is in the TOP 4 of the world’s leading manufacturers of software solutions for ensuring information security. More than 400 million users and 270 thousand corporate clients are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies – from small businesses to state corporations.

The global program provides for the transfer of accounting processes of Kaspersky Lab’s foreign offices to Microsoft Dynamics AX and the abandonment of disparate local accounting systems in each of the company’s countries of operation. The new system covers the areas of accounting, tax and management accounting, and is a single entry point for access to financial information – not only for headquarters staff in Moscow, but also for financial controllers in all regions of the world.

The project has implemented a unified management chart of accounts and a unified set of managerial analytics in compliance with the peculiarities of the financial laws of the UK and Germany. The system covers settlements with suppliers and integration with the corporate procurement management system, settlements with customers and integration with the corporate sales management system, bookkeeping and tax accounting, formation of local regulated and internal management reporting.

The project was implemented by the Russian consulting group Consyst Business Group, which provides services for the creation and support of management information systems on the Russian and foreign markets. Project has been completed within fifteen months. The system users are about 30 employees of financial departments in the offices of Kaspersky Lab in the UK and Germany.

Georgy Masberg, deputy general director of Consyst Business Group: “The results of the project allowed us to form a template solution that simplifies the subsequent replication of the system in other countries, making it both faster and cheaper. Our experience and expertise allow us to tackle and successfully perform the most complex and non-trivial automation tasks and confidently support our clients’ business not only in Russia but also abroad.”

Dmitry Samoilov, senior IT business partner of Kaspersky Lab.: “Together with Consyst Business Group, we completed the second stage of the formation of a unified policy in the field of management accounting and internal reporting of the company’s foreign offices. The project makes it easier to collect and compare financial statements of offices in different countries, and also facilitates technical support for the entire complex of the company’s financial information systems.”