“Consyst Business Group” has been helping McDonald’s for seven years to develop the Oracle Hyperion corporate system, which is used for planning and forecasting the company’s budget. Users in charge of nearly 750 restaurants, as well as companies preparing to open, can conveniently enter data and create customized cost projections.

McDonald’s in Russia needed a system that would allow planning and forecasting revenue, various procurement costs, including rent, office, restaurant operations in all regions of its presence, cleaning, equipment procurement, and also helps to manage capital expenditure planning.

The company’s management decided to implement Oracle Hyperion in Russia within the framework of global replication, and “Consyst Business Group” was chosen as a partner in automation and system development, whose specialists have more than 20 years of experience in creating planning systems based on Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.

Within the framework of the project, two applications were implemented in the Oracle Hyperion Planning system. The first is for rental costs. The second is for other expenses and incomes (administrative, operational, capital). Integration was configured both between these applications and with related corporate systems. The project team also implemented the Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting reporting module, which allows, based on the calculated data in the system, to generate a ready-made report and documents from the rental application in the format required by the customer.

As a result of the project, McDonald’s received a flexible solution, thanks to which restaurants of the Russian chain can predict the volume of expenses for various purchases, plan a budget, enter the necessary data for reporting. The system allows to quickly respond to changing conditions and conduct an individual forecast of costs, sales and the number of visitors for each restaurant, including with temporary adjustments to the customer service format.


Oleg Paroev, Chief Financial Officer of “Moscow-McDonald’s”: “Oracle Hyperion has been fully operational at McDonald’s for several years. During this time, in connection with the emerging new needs for maintaining and planning the company’s expenses, many important improvements were successfully implemented with the involvement of “Consyst Business Group”, and our project team continues to work on developing the system.”

Alexander Levkov, Head of Corporate Solutions Department of “Consyst Business Group”: “We are very pleased that our experience in creating planning and reporting systems helps to manage the business processes of a company with such a brand and name as McDonald’s. The customer received one of the leading solutions for automating budget management processes that meets the requirements for accounting and planning of company resources.”


About “Moscow-McDonald’s”

McDonald’s in Russia is a leading public catering network, numbering about 750 enterprises in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, more than 60,000 people are employed at the network enterprises. McDonald’s business is deeply integrated into the Russian economy. Today, 99% of McDonald’s products in Russia come from more than 160 domestic suppliers, at whose factories McDonald’s provides 100,000 jobs. The total volume of McDonald’s investments in Russia exceeds $2.5 billion, while the average annual investment growth is about 14%. “McDonald’s” is the largest taxpayer in the catering industry, accounting for about 25% of all tax revenue for the Russian food out-of-home industry.


About “Consyst Business Group”

            “Consyst Business Group” is a Russian consulting group, one of the market leaders in IT consulting, business consulting and custom development. It was created on the basis of the assets of the LANIT Group of Companies and the Systematika Group of Companies. According to RAEX data for 2019, the group is among the top 10 largest consulting groups and companies in Russia and is ranked 4th place in IT consulting (management consulting). The group’s offices are located in 11 cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod and Budapest, the staff exceeds 700 people.


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