Five Steps to the budget, which you can trust

On November 20th the LC Europe Kft event was held in the Hotel Continental Zara, on which more than 30 people attended. The business breakfast theme based on Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management products in process automation. The speakers paid special attention to the budget for planning and Oracle Hyperion Planning product.

Speakers were not only from LC Europe (member of LANIT group) during the business breakfast, but our customers as well, from Unicredit Bank Russia guest speakers or from NIS Serbia. They all spoke about Oracle HyperionPlanning successful system implementation, operation and support.

Evgeny Ogurechnikov, LC Europe Kft Managing Director: as a new company in the Hungarian IT market, it was very important to have a successefully first public event as one of the best experience of practices were involved. We note with satisfaction that our experience there is a demand in Hungary and hope that we can arrange similar seminars in the future as well.

Adolf Hrncir, Oracle’s principal sales consultant: Both the location, the atmosphere, the professional hospitality, gifts, flyers raised the quality of the event. I appreciated the presentations and professional message of pluralism, including the planning for the implementation of the budget of each customer.

LC Europe Kft.: LC Europe Kft. 2012 has been operating in Hungary. The company is a member of LANIT group one of the largest russian IT company. In Hungary, several major IT company’s partner, stands out among these ORACLE Hungary with a Platinum partner. LC Europe main activity in the IT Consulting EPM, ERP, HCM and SCM areas.

Oracle Hungary: Oracle Corporation is the world’s largest business software solutions company, which was founded in 1977 in California. The company’s head ever since Larry Ellison. The Hungarian subsidiary of Oracle Corporation, Oracle Hungary has been on the market since 1993rd Oracle Hungary offers a full portfolio company of Hungarian companies, either directly or through 250 business partners. In addition, the company’s training center of Budapest, as well as consulting and technical support services provides a backdrop for Hungarian users.

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