Consyst Business Group was among the top three leaders in the Russian market, specializing in management IT consulting in 2016. The total revenue of the company by the results of the last year increased by 13.6%.

170 companies have taken part in the research. The results are based on the data of the volume of revenue from consulting services. Ranking is the most representative list of leading Russian companies. Following the results of 2016 Consyst Business Group has raised on several positions up in the ranking in the area of “Business Consulting”. The company is focusing on management consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of IT solutions for business and enterprises management. The total revenue of Consyst Business Group increased by 13.6% in the last year.

Pavel Goryansky, CEO of Consyst Business Group:

«We adhere to the strategy of gradual but continuous capacity building of the company, accumulating the best intellectual resources, experience and assets inside Consyst Business Group. This helps us to solve complex problems at the junction of consulting and technologies and to build long-term confidential relations with the customers, where we create together actually breakthrough solutions and systems that increase the competitiveness not only in individual businesses, but also in some whole industries».



The total revenue of companies participating in the ranking increased by 5% by the results of 2016 and reached 97.5 billion rubles.

According to the agency’s experts, this proves that the IT consulting services market has emerged from the negative zone.