One of the leading Lumesse partners in Russia Consyst Business Group has included in its product line the new flagship product ETWeb Empower and has been continuing actively to develop the practice of HR solutions together with the vendor, who has been demonstrating record sales growth rates for 2017 shortly after the release of a series of several absolutely new products.

Lumesse is based in the UK and works all over the world, delivering talent management solutions to hundreds of organizations in more than 70 countries. Among the clients of Lumesse are the global brands of the automotive industry, entertainment, retail, premium segment, media and telecommunications, finance and manufacturing industries.

In 2016 Lumesse brought to market an innovative solution of ETWeb Empower – the first, according to the vendor, a truly people-oriented system. The product comes as a software package, which is added by various modules for talent management, it is fully ready for deployment in the cloud system. In the view of experts, the event is gamechanger in the HR market, which previously as a rule was characterized by slow and inflexible implementations. The global success of Lumesse is supported by the company’s stable position in the field of outsourcing of the recruitment process (RPO): currently the company serves 85% of world leaders in this field.

“Our clients react immensely positive to the innovations that we bring to the market”, says the executive chairman of Lumesse, Didier Bench. “It is extremely important that this is reflected in the real growth for our company. 2017 was a record year, we increased sales volume by 70%. This ensured the revenue growth and subscriptions number for 2018. It is an achievement which we are very proud of”.

In Russia Consyst Business Group acts as a key supplier of Lumesse products. The combined Consyst Business Group teams have incorporated the best-in-class local and international practices in the field of HR IT solutions. The company’s total experience in this field is more than 15 years.

In the stack of Conyst Business Group HR-competencies is the solution of the whole cycle of HR-tasks: from hiring and payroll to talent management. Projects in the field of HR are accompanied by serious consulting and methodological support, an individual approach to working with clients and applying the advanced technologies for the most effective personnel management.

Among Consyst Business Group clients, working in HR direction on the basis of Lumesse products, are such companies as GC “LANIT”, GC “Rusagro”, Wargaming and others. Consyst Business Group HR Division includes dozens of consultants, analysts and developers and offers both solutions of customer development, as well as a number of leading products from world-class vendors.