To increase the involvement of Renaissance Credit employees in working with the corporate portal and the convenience of its use by the company’s management, it was decided to expand the capabilities of the intranet site and increase its functionality. To this end, the bank implemented a migration and rebranding platform project. As the executor of the project, TOPS Consulting company, a member of Consyst Business Group, was invited. The company has many years of experience in creating and implementing portal solutions based on Microsoft. TOPS Consulting clients repeatedly became winners and prize-winners of the Best Intranet Russia competition.

Corporate portal Renaissance Credit is a geographically distributed information platform for solving a variety of work tasks and using different services: employee directory, news, booking of meeting rooms, internal surveys, photo and video galleries, calendar of events, etc.

During the project, the developers and consultants were tasked with planning the design concept in accordance with the new interface, updating the sections, migrating the portal to the new version of the software platform – SharePoint 2013. During the work, a part of the services was replaced with new versions of TOPS Intranet Portal solution for the SharePoint 2013, which allowed to shorten the project implementation period.

The updated portal is available to all employees of Renaissance Credit. The bank provides a wide range of financial services and is one of the leaders in the sector of unsecured consumer lending. Renaissance Credit is one of the top 100 largest Russian banks and operates with 11 million customers in Russia.

Alexander Yakunichkin, the Development Director of department Consyst Business Group: “Using Microsoft technologies is the best solution for achieving business objectives of Renaissance Credit. The iterative approach to the project implementation allowed to manage flexibly the changes and take into account all the customer’s wishes for the new intranet portal without affecting the cost of the project. We hope that its launch will help strengthen the corporate spirit of the company and help optimize internal processes.”