The Consyst.Hotel solution, developed by Consyst Business Group on the 1C platform, was presented at the largest events of the hospitality industry at HotelCIO Exchange in Moscow and at Welcome Forum in St. Petersburg.

In a modern hotel a large number of different information systems are used: PMS and POS systems, back-office systems, as well as systems, necessary for maintaining operational and regulated accounting. Often the typical IT landscape of a hotel consists of products and solutions from various manufacturers, poorly integrated with each other. Maintenance of such an IT landscape is quite difficult, and ensuring the smooth operation of integration flows requires almost universal competencies of IT specialists. This situation leads to significant costs and the risk of errors.

The Consyst.Hotel solution, developed by Consyst Business Group based on 1C solutions, allows to automate management, accounting and tax accounting processes, keep records of goods and calculate the cost of food in hotel bars and restaurants, transfer RAS operations to the USALI chart of accounts, and minimize integration flows between systems. The functionality of the solution contains integrations with such POS-, PMS- and back-office systems of the hotel as Opera, Fidelio, Protel, Micros, Materials control, ADACO.

Consyst.Hotel allows to combine the main business processes of the hotel from financial to personnel accounting in a single IT-circuit and thus reduce costs due to the lack of manual data transfer between systems.

Elena Larina, Head of Hotel Automation 1C Department of Consyst Business Group: “We managed to create a universal solution that can be used by hotels under the control of different operators, as well as independent hotels. When designing the solution, we have minimally changed the functionality of the basic 1C products, so the update takes place as quickly as possible, and the cost of supporting the solution with changes in legislation is minimal”.


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A distinctive feature of the solution was included in its module Consyst.USALI, designed to solve the problem of data transformation from the Russian RAS standard to USALI chart of accounts. The module has flexible settings for automatic data exchange and account mapping: with its help, RAS transactions are automatically transformed to USALI, and the transformation can be carried out taking into account different analysts or, conversely, some transactions may not be transferred to USALI. Consyst.USALI supports fast closing of periods and automatic reversal of documents when loading data in a closed period.

To calculate the cost of dishes in the bars and restaurants of the hotel, the 1C:Public Catering system is included in the Consyst.Hotel solution. It covers all the needs of hotels in the accounting of sales and food production and allows you to automate the processes of accounting of alcoholic beverages in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation. Thanks to the integration of the solution with POS-systems, errors in data loading are minimized and cost calculation in Consyst.Hotel is maintained in the same database as bookkeeping and tax accounting.

Dmitry Savochkin, Director on work with key clients of Consyst Business Group: Since 2016, Consyst Business Group has been actively developing the 1C direction in terms of automation of enterprises of the hospitality industry, implementing and maintaining solutions based on this platform. In the last two years, the group’s solutions have been implemented in 14 hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now we have created a universal solution that solves all the problems of hospitality accounting – Consyst.Hotel”.