“Russian ICT Day” in Budapest

On November 28, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), together with LC Europe, a member of "Consyst Business Group", will hold the second annual "Russian ICT Day" conference in Budapest (Hungary). The event is dedicated to the trends of the modern IT industry and the role of technology in various industries of Russia and Europe.

20.11.2019|News, Projects|

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX-based cash management system in St. Petersburg Bank (Bank Saint Petersburg)

The professionals of Consyst Business Group completed the second phase of the implementation of advanced solutions LanCashManagement Bank of St. Petersburg. The payments system for the management of the ATM operational planning in bank branches and cash centers, cash flow management is designed. The entire development professionals and installation work on the software modules are

06.08.2012|News, Projects|

Rosbank have choosen LanCashManagement the system to manage the cash management of the ATM points and management offices

The Rosbank and Consyst Business Group (LANIT) cooperation started in 2008, a system for automatic optimization of ATM cash sweep operations building. The system is able to conduct full access to ATM networks and bank branches from the collection, from the survey of ATM machines to the office work. Positive economic effects of the implementation

26.04.2012|News, Projects|